How To Set Up Ga4 Event On My Website?

Similarly, How do I implement GA4 on my website?

Locate the GA4 on-page tag. Visit. Admin (lower left). Make sure your new GA4 property is chosen in the Property column, then choose Data Streams and then Web. On the data stream, click. Click Add new on-page tag > Global Site Tag under Tagging Instructions (gtag.js).

Also, it is asked, How do I set up a event on GA4?

How to configure unique events in GA4 with GTM First, sign in to your GTM account and choose “Tags” from the menu on the left: Step 2: To add a new tag, use the “New” button: Step 3: Select “Tag configuration” and give your tag the name “Button Click.” Step 5: Select the configuration tag from the drop-down menu.

Secondly, How do you integrate GA4?

The procedures for Google Tag Manager GA4 Integration are as follows: First step: adding new tags. Adding Data Streams is step two. Step 3: Setting Up Events. Setting Up Triggers is Step 4. Setting up the Tag Assistant is step five. Analyzing Real-Time Reports is step six.

Also, Which tool do we need to set up events in GA4?

JavaScript, or you may utilize the GA4 interface’s Create Event option. With the help of this functionality, you may build a new event off of existing ones. Click Create Event, followed by Create, on the Configure > Events page. The name of the custom event must then be entered.

People also ask, Is GA4 free?

Although the integration is free, any data consumption still requires payment. The ability to export your hit data is a significant advantage over building your own scripts and adding several unique dimensions.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I add GA4 to WordPress?

WordPress GA4 add-on Go to Your Google Analytics Account in Step 1. Create a New Google Analytics 4 Property in Step 2. Step 3: Include all property information. Step 4: Click “Web” on the menu. Set up Web Stream is step five. Connect your current analytics property to GA4 in step six. Install tracking code on your WordPress website in step seven.

Do you need GTM for GA4?

If you haven’t already created a GA4 property for your website, you should do so as soon as possible to start collecting data. For marketers, GTM makes the setup procedure easier. Create your GA4 property now, add the tag using GTM, and begin testing out event setup!

What is an event in GA4?

Analyze how visitors engage with a website or app. You may track individual user interactions on a website or app using events. You may use events to track interactions like page loading, link clicks, and purchase completions.

Can I have both Universal Analytics and GA4?

You may dual tag for your Google Analytics 4 property in one of the following methods if your Universal Analytics property is configured using gtag. js: Choose “Enable data collection using your current tags” from the GA4 Setup Assistant menu (This option uses a feature called connected site tags)

Does GA4 integrate with Google Ads?

Both individual Google Ads accounts and Google Ads manager accounts may be linked to Google Analytics 4 properties. 400 connections are allowed to be made per property.

How is GA4 different from Universal Analytics?

In most reports, Universal Analytics emphasizes Total Users (represented as Users), while GA4 concentrates on Active Users (also shown as Users). Therefore, even though the word “Users” seems to be the same, UA and GA4 calculate this measure differently since UA uses Total Users whereas GA4 calculates it using Active Users.

How do you track clicks in GA4?

Organize customized link clicks. On your website, provide a Google Analytics 4 property. Links may be automatically tracked in Google Analytics 4. To see your GA4 property, click. Toggle to “Data Streams.” Click the website. Create customized link clicks.

How do I track downloads from GA4?

File download events are simple to locate in conventional reporting. If you have enabled Enhanced Measurement, you will notice them and they go by the name file download. Go to Reports > Engagement > Events to discover them.

How much does GA4 cost?

Google Analytics 4 is it cost-free? Google Analytics 4 has a free property type, much as Universal Analytics. The use of one or more GA4 properties on your account is free of charge.

Is GA4 replacing Universal Analytics?

The short version is: Starting in J, Google Analytics 4 will take the place of Universal Analytics. The official statement: “On J, normal Universal Analytics properties will no longer process data,” according to Google.

Why is GA4 better than UA?

The method for producing segments differs significantly between GA4 and UA. Segments are present in the “Explorations” section of GA4 (same place to create custom reports). Check out this tour of generating custom segments in Google Analytics 4 vs. Universal Analytics for a detailed comparison.

Does Monster insights work with GA4?

The finest Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is MonsterInsights. It enables you to quickly link your WordPress website to Google Analytics (both GA4 and Universal Analytics), allowing you to access all the crucial data directly in your WordPress dashboard.

How do I add Google Tag Manager to GA4?

The configuration tag for Google Analytics 4 Select New from Tags. Simply choose Tag Configuration. Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration should be chosen. Type in the measurement ID. Add any parameters you want to specify under Fields to Set, if desired. You may optionally specify any specific user attributes in User Properties.

How do I transfer from GA to GA4?

Create a new web property in GA4 to start your migration. Either the Upgrade Assistant or the “+Create New Property” button in the admin area may be used to do this. Choose every applicable “standard” event tracking option for your website.

How do I set up an event in Google Analytics?

How to Configure Events in Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics Click New on the Tag Screen. Choose an event from the Track Type drop-down menu after choosing a Google Analytics tag. Make your selection for a Category, Action, Label, or Value. Decide whether the Non-Interaction is True or False.

Is GA4 better?

With GA4, the data for the web and the app use the same structure. This is not the case with GA3, in contrast. Because of this, GA4 offers significantly more reliable cross-platform and cross-device tracking than GA3 does.

Why You Should Use GA4?

The most recent version of Google’s very well-liked analytics technology is called GA4. The same account may be used to monitor both websites and apps. Additionally, it has a number of new reporting capabilities and provides you with more thorough information on how visitors use your website.

Is GA4 still in beta?

When should I upgrade to Google Analytics 4? January 1st, 2022, update Google’s App+Web assets officially graduated from beta in late 2020 and were dubbed Google Analytics 4 (at least, that’s what Google is stating). As a result, GA4 will now always be the default property when you add one.

How do I create a download event in Google Analytics?

Use Google Analytics to monitor PDF downloads. Choose New from the Tags menu. Give your tag a name that is descriptive; we chose GA – PDF Download. The Google Analytics: Universal Analytics tag should be chosen. Choose “track type” as “Event” Name your Category and Action; you may give them any name you choose.

How do I create a tracking URL in Google Analytics?

set up monitoring for Google Analytics Account settings may be accessed by clicking your profile picture at the upper right. Select Analytics tracking options. Enter the domains you wish to monitor after choosing to enable Google Analytics integration: Save analytics settings by clicking.

What is user engagement event in GA4?

The User Engagement measure displays the amount of time that your website or app screen was the primary focus. Analytics doesn’t gather the measure when your website or app is active but no page or screen is visible.

Can websites track your downloads?

There are many individuals who steal copyrighted music and movies, but a new website that tracks everything you download from file-sharing websites may cause problems.

Can Google Analytics track PDF views?

Within this Google Analytics view, you can now measure PDF views as a target. Click on the Behavior --> Events --> Overview report in the sidebar of Google Analytics to get the complete report on your Tag Manager events. You can see the precise URLs of the downloaded PDFs in the Event Action report.


The “google tag manager” is a tool that allows you to create and manage tags for the Google Analytics tracking code. It has been developed by Google, and it can be used on websites as well as mobile apps. The tool also provides an interface that allows event management.

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