Is Goat A Legit Website?

GOAT is a 100% legitimate sneaker marketplace that has developed a cult following among sneakerheads. It has over $100 million in investment, 12 million members, a sizable inventory of over 400,000 pairs available for sale, and more than 600 staff. Here are several GOAT-related information you should be aware of before making your purchase.

Similarly, Is GOAT a reliable site?

GOAT is a carefully controlled marketplace where you may purchase or sell your drugs in complete safety. They are a well-known company that has been in operation for a while and is knowledgeable about the business.

Also, it is asked, Does GOAT have fake shoes?

The business discovered $72 million in fake sneakers in 2019, the most recent year for which GOAT has comprehensive figures, up from $34 million in 2018, and Lu predicted that the amount will rise in 2020.

Secondly, Does GOAT refund your money?

From the day you get your GOAT Clean purchases, you have three days to submit a refund. After we’ve received and processed your return, we’ll give you a refund for the money you spent—less the shipping charges both ways. The form of this return will be GOAT credit for use on future purchases.

Also, Where does GOAT ship from?

New York’s Plainview

People also ask, How long does it take GOAT to ship?

Standard shipping normally takes 4-6 business days to deliver an item to a customer in the continental US for orders made after 11:00 AM PT.

Related Questions and Answers

Who owns GOAT shoes?

Eddy Lu, CEO

How long does it take goats to authenticate?

Authentication usually takes 1-2 business days once we get your shoes. With rare or restricted SKUs as an exception, more verification and processing time may be needed. As soon as our experts have verified your footwear, you may pay out your profits on the GOAT app.

Do goats authenticate?

Our resale items are authenticated using techniques like artificial intelligence, digital authentication, in-person inspection, or a combination of these. We do this to make sure the item you buy is real and matches the description.

Where is GOAT sneakers located?

WebsiteGoat.comOverviewTypePrivateFounded2015HQCulver City, California, US Ratings for employees 4.41 more rows

What happens if GOAT loses your package?

A missing package inquiry may take 7 to 10 business days, and among other things, you may be asked to sign and submit an affidavit. To help you promptly replace your lost item, approved claims may be reimbursed in GOAT credit to be used to a subsequent purchase.

How do I track my GOAT orders?

Order Tracking | Go Goat. Please enter your Purchase ID in the box below and click “Track” to track your order. This information was provided to you on your receipt and in the email confirmation you were supposed to receive.

Does GOAT refund your money to your bank account?

The refund will come in the form of GOAT Credit, which, with certain restrictions, may be used to any subsequent GOAT purchases and never expires. The GOAT Credit will be transferred right away into your GOAT account after your refund has been processed.

Is GOAT a Chinese company?

GOAT, which stands for “Greatest of All Time,” launched its China app more than five months after receiving a $100 million investment from sports gear giant Foot Locker.

Is GOAT located in China?

The GOAT team located in Shanghai is in charge of operations for the growth in China and the larger Asia Pacific area. Global consumer behavior and demands vary, therefore GOAT seeks to provide Chinese consumers with a genuine experience that is catered to their market.

Does GOAT charge for shipping?

For anything other than “Instant” items bought with Next Day delivery, the cost of domestic US shipping is $14.50 for the 48 contiguous states and $15 for Hawaii and Alaska. When “Instant” products are bought with Next Day delivery, the shipping fee is $25.

How do I contact GOAT customer service?

Although we do not presently have a customer care phone number, you may use the “Submit Request” button at the top of this page to make a support request.

Are GOAT shoes clean?

The GOAT’s shoe specialists have thoroughly cleaned, graded, and documented all of the used inventory. Each pair has also undergone meticulous authentication by trained professionals. In addition, the shoes have had a thorough cleaning, the shoelaces have been cleaned, and the inner has had its lint removed.

Who pays for shipping on GOAT?

We’ll give you a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label as soon as you confirm the transaction. Please utilize this to prevent tracking mistakes and earnings delays.

How does a GOAT work?

On GOAT, vendors offer their products for sale, including stores and boutiques, and customers may choose from over a million listings. Shoes and other resale items must be sent to us for verification before we accept them to make sure they are real and exactly as stated. We’ll send them to you when they’ve been validated.

Does Foot Locker own GOAT?

According to a Citi analyst, Foot Locker hasn’t received credit for its ownership of the well-known online marketplace GOAT. Investors could miss Foot Locker’s investment in a developing third-party online sports shoe sector, claims Citigroup.

What kind of store is GOAT?

GOAT is an online store where vendors may offer their expensive, limited-edition, or otherwise unique items for consumers to purchase. It caters to sneaker and clothing enthusiasts (also known as sneakerheads[2]).

How long has GOAT been in business?

Online retailer GOAT sells shoes, high-end clothing, and accessories in both the main and secondary markets. Since its founding in 2015, GOAT has grown to a platform with 30 million users and 600,000 vendors in 170 nations.

What happens if the buyer doesn’t respond on GOAT?

If you don’t reply within a day,

What does seller confirmed mean on GOAT?

After the transaction is verified, the seller has 72 hours to ship. Please send queries to [email protected] through email. 6:17 PM Quote Tweets. Twitter Web Client. 61.

What fees does GOAT charge?

FEE FOR COMMISSION For a seller in good standing, the commission cost is equal to 9.5 percent plus the seller fee. Depending on the quantity of seller cancellations and verification concerns, as explained in greater detail below, the commission cost may rise to 15% + seller fee up to a maximum of 25% + seller fee.

What does the acronym GOAT stand for?

most outstanding of all time

Does GOAT take debit cards?

Credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Maestro are all acceptable. PayPal is also acceptable. Additionally, we accept Klarna, Bancontact, SOFORT, Giropay, EPS, and Cartes Bancaires for certain countries.

Are GOAT packages insured?

We want to provide you peace of mind on every transaction since GOAT offers a variety of delivery alternatives. Each delivery method is similarly protected by the Buyer Protection Policy, giving you the peace of mind to purchase from any of our selling channels.


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