What Website For Narating On Audible?

ACX.com, VoiceBunny.com, and Voices.com are more audiobook-specific employment sites, albeit some of these platforms are searching for experienced narrators.

Similarly, How do I become an Audible approved narrator?

If you’re interested in narrating an audiobook, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information: MP3 clip of your audiobook narrating (two minutes) (i.e., not commercials or radio demos) If you’ve narrated any books, please include them here. Indicate which, if any, of your books are available for purchase on Audible.com.

Also, it is asked, Can I search Audible by narrator?

You can search by narrator on platforms like Libro.fm, Audible, and other audiobook providers, and I take use of this function. Many narrators also have websites where they list their best-known works or, in some cases, their complete audiobook library.

Secondly, How much do narrators on Audible make?

For audiobook narrators with some expertise, the typical PFH pay is between $100 and $250. This is not a “get rich fast” scheme, just to be clear. To be really effective at anything, you must put up a lot of work and perseverance.

Also, How do I start the Audible narrator in ACX?

The following are the three primary steps to become an Audible narrator via ACX. Set up your digital audio workstation (DAW) If you already have a decent computer – laptop or desktop – you’re almost there. Create an account on AXC. Completion of your first ACX project is required.

People also ask, Can I get paid to narrate audiobooks?

SUMMARY: If you work for a union, you may earn more than $100 per hour. Voice professionals may also obtain part-time and full-time paid employment, with varying salaries.

Related Questions and Answers

Can you make money on ACX?

Because ACX’s manufacturing costs are low, more profit is available. A royalties scheme that is both distinctive and strong. Authors, publishers, and other Rights Holders, as well as narrators, studio professionals, and other Producers, may receive royalties of up to 40% depending on the distribution rights provided to Audible.

Who is the best Audible narrator?

Right Now, Listen to the Best Audiobook Narrators Onayemi, Prentice. Davina Porter is a model and actress. Adam Vikas Turpin, Bahni Luke Daniels is a writer. Xe Sands is a company based in the United States. Edoardo Ballerini is an Italian opera singer. Maggie Gyllenhaal is a well-known actress.

Who is the highest paid audiobook narrator?

Renee Raudman is a writer who lives in New York City. Renee Raudman’s name may not be familiar to you, but you’ve undoubtedly heard her voice. Raudman has recorded over 300 volumes since 2006, making him one of the most sought-after narrators in the multibillion-dollar audiobook market.

Does ACX pay you to read books?

ACX. ACX is a service that allows you to record a book and be compensated for it. The books are available on audible, amazon, and iTunes and cover a variety of subjects. All you have to do now is establish your profile, post a few samples, and audition for the book you want to narrate.

How does ACX work for narrators?

Payment is made to Narrators or Studio Professionals by a Rights Holder. When you finish an audiobook and submit it to ACX, the Rights Holder must approve it. The Rights Holder should pay you by cheque, credit card, or other manner after you’ve been accepted. Find out more about how to be paid.

How do I record a book on Audible?

Sign up for an ACX account. ACX is a division of Amazon.com’s Audible.com. Prepare your studio. Of course, when I say studio, I’m referring to any location where you may set up shop. Begin recording! Open Garageband, make a new voice track, and get started. Your recordings may be edited and exported. This is enjoyable job, but it is time-consuming. Your files should be uploaded to ACX.

How do I get a job at ACX?

The Process Is As Follows: The Process Is As Follows: Make a profile for yourself. How would you want to be compensated? Choose between a per-finished-hour charge or a 50/50 split of revenues. Accept the proposal. Collaborate with other studio experts. Get compensated.

How do I submit to ACX?

Here’s how to get your audiobooks into the site: Sign up for an ACX account. Create a user account here. Select regions and distribution terms. You’ll need to figure out what territorial rights you have so we can make it accessible to you. Examine and agree to our conditions. Your audiobook should be uploaded.

What company will pay you to read books?

Get Paid to Read: 17 Legitimate Reviewing Websites Kirkus Media is a media company that publishes books. Payment is on a freelance basis. The Reedsy Find Pay is based on tips. Books about any subject. Payment is on a freelance basis. BookBrowse. Payment is on a freelance basis. Book Club on the Internet. Pay ranges from $5 to $60. The American Book Review is a publication that publishes reviews of books published in the United States. Payment is on a freelance basis. The Women’s Review of Books is a publication dedicated to women’s literature. Upwork

How much does ACX cost?

You should spend $150 to $250 every completed hour if you’re searching for an expert narrator on ACX. For instance, if your audiobook is 6 hours long, your total cost will range from $900 to $1500.

Is ACX owned by Amazon?

It’s Amazon, of course. Yes, ACX is a subsidiary of Audible, which is owned by Amazon.

Can you earn money from Audible?

Your listeners will be ecstatic to get anything for free, particularly if it’s an audiobook of their choosing. With a free 30-day trial membership, you can be their guide to this insider’s benefit. Our payment mechanism is simple to use. You receive a $15 commission every time someone joins up using your personalized URL.

Who is the best female audiobook narrator?

Listen to the Best Women Narrators Right Now Robin Miles is the author of the novel Robin Miles. Marin Ireland is a fictional character. Gabra Zackman is a character in the film Gabra Zackman. LaVoy, January. Davina Porter is a model and actress. Emily Woo Zeller is a writer. Andi Arndt is a German actress. Soneela Nankani is an Indian actress. Soneela Nankani has narrated nearly 300 volumes in a variety of genres, including young adult, fantasy, romance, science fiction, and nonfiction.

How long does it take to narrate an audiobook?

You may infer the following values using this average: It takes 63 minutes to narrate 10,000 words. 2 hours and 6 minutes to narrate 20,000 words 3 hours and 9 minutes to narrate 30,000 words

How do narrating books make money?

ACX explains how to be paid to read books aloud. ACX is the leading online network for audiobook voice talent, and fortunately, becoming an ACX reader is simple, however building a reputation may take a lot of time, effort, and luck. Audible.\sFindaway Voices.\sVoices.com. Bunny Studio is a studio dedicated to bunnies. Peopleperhour. Audio brilliance. Upwork.

What equipment do I need for ACX?

You’ll need the following equipment: A comfortable chair that doesn’t squeak. There is a script stand. a sound recording device (preferably a large-diaphragm condenser) Mic stand or desk mount is an option. Shockmount for microphones This is a Pop filter. To connect a microphone to an audio interface, use an XLR cable. Interface for audio (such as an MBox)

How often do you get paid from ACX?

Unless you’re a Producer who was paid a price for your work as part of a Pay For Production arrangement, you’ll also get monthly royalty payments. Note: If you are not registered in direct deposit and your royalties for a month total less than $50, we will send you a check when you owe at least $50.

How can I record myself reading a book?

Choose a peaceful area in your house where you won’t be distracted by loud sounds or passers-by when reading aloud. Make use of the greatest video camera you can. This might be your phone, which is fantastic! Before you start recording, make sure it’s horizontal.

How do I become an ebook narrator?

So, before you go into the field of narration, be sure you can firmly state that you have the following skills: Acting experience. Ability to distinguish between different voices, accents, and dialects. Stamina. Ability to do research. Practice. Take advice from the experts. Reading as a volunteer. In-Person and Virtual Networking

What do I need to narrate audiobooks?

What Audiobook Recording Equipment Do I Need? To record audiobooks, you’ll need editing software, headphones, a good microphone, and a computer or iPad.

Is ACX .com real?

Be aware that ACX is an open marketplace before you look at the books offered for audition. Unless the books infringe on copyright, it is not ACX’s policy to regulate the books that users make accessible in the marketplace. As narrators, it is our responsibility to evaluate the quality of the books and be selective in our auditions.

How many people audition on ACX?

The total number of ACX-approved narrators is around 6500. The number of titles available for audition varies and may go as high as 1900, but in my experience, 1400 is about right.


The “audiobook narrator jobs” is a website that has listings of available audiobooks. The site also offers a search bar to find the best narrator for your book.

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